Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Set in its new home in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the "One and Only" Mr. America natural bodybuilding competition reappeared for the first time since 2016. Promoter Marc Tauriello recently entered the scene, reviving the competition for the first time in four years despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The event was well attended, adhering to all NJ State requirements for the Pandemic and included a variety of representatives including Iron Man magazine.

“We’re excited to be working with Mr. America again and excited to feature these athletes. From amateur to professional, everybody came ready… the definition, the symmetry, the size, was just Mr. America-ready.” touts Denise Kakos from Iron Man Magazine.

“This was not an easy feat to do at all. It included planning for everything from navigating indoor capacities, to moving outside and then reverting back to an indoor venue. So, in the past six or seven months, I planned three different events and now here we finally are today.” says Tauriello when asked about preparing for the competition. “This has probably been the most exciting event that I’ve done – ever.”

Hosts of the event included Eric Fleishman (A.K.A. Eric the Trainer) the well-known “Hollywood Physique Expert”, and Chef Andre Rush, former combat veteran, and current White House Chef.

Eric the Trainer says, “The competitors were so ready. …when Chef Rush and I walked in, we’re both patriotic, the flag itself called us up on stage. I mean it was just a wonderful, wonderful setting”. Chef Rush chimed in, “I will tell you right now this was one of the most rewarding events that I have done… The energy, the positivity… I mean absolutely incredible”

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MrAmerica.xlsx - Results Amateur
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Jason Brew, Mr. America 2020

Mr. America Pro Bikini Division winner Dora Avila

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