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Updated: Jan 6

OPEN CASTING CALL: ATTENTION: We are searching for 5-6 physique athletes, to be featured in a brand new upcoming reality series that will appear on a national sports network.

The premise would be to follow athletes in their daily lives to get a sample for what it takes to become a natural bodybuilding athlete. Your production schedule may include a shoot following you for 1 to 4 days with interviews.

We are looking for someone who can speak about their thoughts and ideas on natural bodybuilding and how aspects of your life affect the preparation or how your preparation affects your lifestyle. Stories of past preparations, or lifestyle events are welcome.

The finale of the series requires the cast member to be at and compete in the 2021 Mr. America bodybuilding event.

To be considered for this unique opportunity you must either be registered to compete or plan on registering for the 2021 Mr/Ms America in Atlantic City, NJ. Please submit your interest to and include:

Full Name


Phone number

City and State

Division(s) you compete in

Contest history and past placings

Are you amateur or professional


Why and how did you get started in natural bodybuilding

When will you be starting your prep for the season

Other Hobbies and interests

Social media: IG, Fb, Twitter etc.

Please include a video that is about 2-3 minutes in length encompassing lifestyle, contest preparation, or other stories.

Also include any other pictures or videos of you working out, or past competitions, etc.

This opportunity is a available to ALL natural bodybuilding athletes both amateurs and pros from all organizations. Please submit all interest no later than Sunday January 17th at 11:59pm EST.

Please keep video as stable as possible, if possible held horizontally with good sound in a lit area indoors or outside.

Any videos or pictures you submit may be used by East Coast Fitness Concepts and Mr. America for event, show, or promotional purposes.

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