2020 Television Show Trailer for CBS Sports Network (almost complete)

The One and Only Mr. America television show begins with a look behind the scenes on the day before the iconic event. Hosts Eric the Trainer and Andre “Chef” Rush arrive at the Atlantic City Sheraton Hotel in New Jersey, as well as other athletes, judges and media. The beginning of the next day’s event kicks off with the Mr. America Amateur Bikini Class where we jump into the story of bodybuilding twins and what they go through in their day-to-day life to prepare to step on the main stage. There are dramatic moments, emotional moments, and stories throughout, ending with the crowning of Mr. America.



Gym. Eat. Repeat.

The Journey to Mr. America

(in production)

A  6 episode, 30-minute docuseries for CBS Sports Network based on the journey to compete at the Mr. America All American Sports Festival.  The Mr. America produced CBS Sports Network program will film in locations around the country starting at the Mr. America training Center in Maryland and ending in Venice Beach, CA with stops in Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, and Fort Bliss Texas.




2021 Live to Tape Television Show 

for CBS Sports Network (in developement)

The One and Only Mr. America "All Sports Festival" Bodybuilding event held at the ShowBoat in Atlantic City on October 9-10, 2021.