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Mr/Ms America Bodybuilding


About the Competition






All athletes will be scored on the following criteria (See attached judging score sheet):

1) Muscular Development(1-5pts)2) Muscular Proportion(1-5pts)3) Conditioning(1-3pts)4) Posing(1-4pts)5) General Appearance(1-3)

Once judges complete scores for every athlete in each of these categories they will also be required toarrange the athletes by their placing. 1 = 1 st , 2= 2 nd , 3=3 rd , etc.

Scores from each of the 5 criteria will be added up with a perfect score =20 points. Placings and scoreswill be tallied separately but both will be factored in to final placing.

The top 3 athletes in each category will be awarded and the remaining athletes will receive participationawards. All scores and placings will be posted at in a timely manner.

Stage Performance

The following categories will be required to perform an individual routine:1) Women’s Physique2) Men’s Bodybuilding3) Men’s Classic Physique

Individual routines will not exceed 60 seconds for amateur competitors and 90 seconds for professionalcompetitors. Athletes may provide their own music to the DJ in advance (details to follow) or the DJ willplay a song of their own selection. No profanity will be tolerated in any music. Failure to adhere to thiswill result in athlete disqualification from competition.

All athletes must remain on the stage during routines and pose downs.

All other categories will be required to perform an I-walk. An I-walk consists of the following: Competitor will walk alone to back center stage and complete front facing pose of choice Competitor will then walk to front center stage and perform quarter (1/4) turns, ending in anappropriate stage stance facing the judges and then proceed to the side of the stage as directedGeneral Appearance

General appearance is a factor in your overall score. Time and attention on personal grooming shouldbe evident.

Jewelry: Men are not permitted to wear jewelry other than a wedding band or small religious symbol.Women may wear jewelry.

​General Information

Tanning: NO DREAM TAN will be allowed. It is highly recommended that you use a professional spraytanning service for your show day tan.

Suit: All posing suits for both men and women will be subject to prior inspection. No large logos will bepermitted. Proper fitting of posing suit is required. Excessively baggy suits and thongs are not permitted.

Drug Testing: All athletes are subject to third party drug testing by way of urinalysis. This will berandom and targeted. All test results will remain confidential between event organizer(s), its designees,heirs, assignors, and/or sponsors. Moreover, these test results will be released if specifically instructedby the athlete, in writing. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Failure of drug testing for anyreason will result in an immediate forfeiture of any prizes including but not limited to trophies, medals,awards, or prize money.

All participants including athletes and coaches, must conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Athletes may be disqualified and/or removed from the contest for the actions of themselves and their coaches. No refunds will be given for any disqualified athlete or coach.

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