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2024 All America Kettlebell Open at Mr America

Who's ready to rock Atlantic City with us?

Athletes from around the world and 20+ sporting events are coming to the 2024 Mr. America All American Sports Festival and Expo. This bound-to-be-epic kettlebell sport competition is one of them.

Featuring world renowned lifters Denis Vasilev and Steve Cotter, the All American Kettlebell Open brings first time competitors and Masters of Sport to the same stage, united in comradery and competing to achieve rank and establish themselves and their teams as the best in class.

Make a goal, commit to yourself and register today.

Your Flight is Calling!


5-Minute Jerk

5-Minute Snatch

5-Minute Two-Arm Long Cycle

5-Minute Biathlon

5-Minute Triathlon

10-Minute Jerk

10-Minute Snatch

10-Minute One-Arm Long Cycle

10-Minute Two-Arm Long Cycle

10-Minute Biathlon

10-Minute Triathlon

30-Minute One-Arm Long Cycle Marathon

30-Minute Snatch Marathon

60-Minute One-Arm Long Cycle Marathon

60-Minute Snatch Marathon

Why This Competition?

At Pro Kettlebell, we believe competition environments should be resourceful, fun and make you feel like a champion from the moment you walk in the room. Our mission is to provide excellent lifting conditions so you're able to leave every potential rep on the platform and know you did your best.

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