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The One and Only Mr. America 2020

Premieres July 22, 7p +11p ET on CBS Sports Network
(check back for replay dates and times)

The One and Only Mr. America will bring the 2020 event, held in Atlantic City last October, to your TV screeen in July 2021.  The natural bodybuilding show begins with a look behind the scenes on the day before the iconic event as athletes, judges and media arrive at the Atlantic City Sheraton Hotel in New Jersey.  


The show is hosted by Eric the Trainer, Hollywood's trainer to the Stars, and Andre “Chef” Rush, White House Chef and retired Master Sergeant of the US Army.

With interviews and features from amateur and pro natural bodybuilders, you will get to know the competitors and what it takes to fight for the most iconic bodybuilding title in the world.  We will also showcase insights from promoter Marc Tauriello, multiple judges and stars like General Hospital's Ryan Carnes.  


The second day’s events kick off with the Mr. America Amateur Bikini Class where we jump into the story of bodybuilding twins and what they go through in their day-to-day life to prepare to step on the main stage. We continue our story with Shevon Cunningham, the reigning Mr. America, to see if he can become the second athlete to win the title twice.


There are dramatic and emotional moments, ending with the crowning of Mr. America. Our announcers - "bodybuilding insider" Mike Neumann and "figure pro" Sammy Jo Feenburg will walk you through with an insiders point of view.

Follow a few of our athletes in the 2020 show,  like figure competitor Jenna Bigdolio, Physique competitor Johnny Dotson Jr., and classic physique athlete Joe LaCerra who will all be featured in an upcoming docu-series on CBS Sports Network later in the year.

Created by Executive Producer: Marc Tauriello

Executive Producer and Director: Jonathan Budine

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The One and Only Mr. America 2020


Created By Executive Producer

Marc Tauriello, Mr. America Promoter

Executive Producer / Director

Jonathan Budine


Supervising Producer

Evan Frushtick

Director of Photography, Producer

Bud Hayman


Mike Neumann

Sammy Jo Feenburg

Event Cameras

Bud Hayman

Andrew Budine

Jonathan Budine

Title Open

Directed by: Jonathan Budine

Director of Photography: Bud Hayman

Production Assistant: Andrew Budine

Field Crew: Tennessee

Edy Rodrigueez

Field Crew: Atlantic City Beach, New Jersey

Bud Hayman

Jonathan Budine

Field Crew:  Nutley, New Jersey

Jonathan Budine

Andrew Budine


Production Assistant

Lou Rafaelli



Jonathan Budine

JOSUBU Productions


Motion Graphics

Kai Rahimi

Jonathan Budine

Audio Mix / Sound Design

JRise Productions





Na Thirakomen

Emcee / VO

Steve Peacock


Hosts / Interviewers

Eric “The Trainer” Fleishman

Duane “Chef” Rush


Secondary Interviewers  

Sammy Jo Feenburg

Tara Thatcher


Marc Tauriello

Jonathan Budine

Steve Peacock

Jim Welsh

Mariah Kraft

Mike Neumann



Reginald Terry


“My Glory” by Ashes

Co-wrote, Produced by Matt Beilis

North Star Media


Thank You

Bruce Ebel, Freeplay

City of Atlantic City, NJ

Extreme Gym Nutley/Stanhope NJ

Denise Kakos

Denny Kakos

Timothy McDonald

Bud Hayman Images

Cooperating Organizations

No bodybuilders were injured in the making of this film.

Mr. America is an olympic level tested event with both targeted and random testing.

All NJ State COVID-19 restrictions were followed.

A Production of

East Coast Fitness Concepts &

JOSUBU Productions

Copyright 2021.  All rights reserved.

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